Strawberry Ice Cream Recipes

So, interested in making something really good, reeeelatively healthy\ nd easy to "cook" to boot? This recipe is based on an allrecipes entry that I found, usually ice creams may contain eggs, sort of like a really, really goopy frozen custard, it gives it nice unctuousness, but you know what? sometimes there aren't any eggs in the fridge, so one goes and looks for an egg-less recipe. And the convenience of not even having to fire up the stove, make the quasi-custard and then waiting for it to cool down before churning is definitely a plus.

The recipe

And the procedure couldn't be more simple; blend everything in a blender then follow your ice cream maker's instructions. If, however, not everything fits in the blender, leave the cream out and mix with the rest after it's all blended.
Ok, define healthy, at least on this ice cream you could pronounce all of the ingredients, on the store-bough not-so-much.