Pork loin in fruit mole

In a previous post I commented about the moles we brought back from our trip to Ensenada. This is one of the possible presentations for the most unknown of them: the fruit mole. Well, after a bit of investigation my suspicions were true and it does go well with pork meat, hence the loins. What follows here is a pictorial of how we prepared and presented the dish accompanied by red rice and corn tortillas.
One of the loins after cooking in the pressure cooker
Seared post-cooking, a.k.a. reverse sear
As if it were some illegal substance, the mole! (powder form)
According to my brother, it takes a 2:1 ratio of tomato sauce to mole powder to reach a nice pastey consistency to which you add the stock
On the pan, tomato sauce + mole powder
After mixing and adding some pork stock to get a pleasant texture
Oh yeah!, the sesame seeds!