Homemade Tagliatelle

Few things in life are better than fresh pasta... few, few things... and it's one of those simple things to do, really a bit labor intensive, maybe, but simple. Throw 4 eggs , 1/4 cup olive oil , one and a half teaspoons salt onto 2 cups of flour , mix, add enough water to make a soft and elastic dough. Rest. Shape, be it by pasta machine or rolling pin (like grandma used to make it) and finally: cook. Seasoning? some butter and sage can't go wrong, parsley so it looks pretty :P. And yes, you can do some cacio e pepe that goes awesomely with fresh pasta. Heck, if you're not into italian seasonings, throw this into some ramen recipe and it performs great too. Leave the tagliatelle a little thick and you've got some good chicken noodle coming your way.